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Mitigation of Geological Natural Hazards

Natural disasters are, by definition, large and disruptive. And for those who are economically, politically, educationally, or technologically disadvantaged, they can be absolutely devastating.

With Michigan Tech’s interdisciplinary Peace Corps Master’s International program in Natural Hazards Mitigation/Geology, you’ll learn how to lessen the effects of disasters for disadvantaged populations. Areas of focus include volcanic hazards, slope stabilities, landslides, debris flows, droughts, and floods—and their impact on community development, transportation, health, sanitation, and water quality.

Study Locally, Learn Globally

Michigan Tech’s program is truly one of a kind: we have the nation’s first and only PCMI program focusing on the mitigation of natural geological hazards. We’ll give you the foundational education and research skills you need. Then, receive your Peace Corps placement and travel abroad, using your knowledge to serve the people and meet the needs of your host country. See for yourself the problems faced by people from other cultures and countries—and create the solutions needed to solve those problems.

Course Work and Prerequisites