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As alumnus of Michigan Technological University's Graduate School, take pride in being a member of our alumni family! Reconnect with old classmates, stay current on Michigan Tech related news, share your story—where has life's journey taken you since leaving campus? And please, if you can, give back by supporting our hard-working Graduate Students!

Alumni Focus

Steven Burdgick


Two thousand years before the Industrial Revolution, the Greek mathematician Hero came up with the idea for the steam turbine. English engineer Sir Charles Parsons built the first one in 1884, to generate electricity. And for the last twenty years, Steven Burdgick has fiddled, tweaked, and tinkered with steam turbines and their close cousins, gas turbines, ultimately revolutionizing aspects of a stogy, old technology. . . .

Alumni Focus

Norman Pratt


Bob Pratt joined Dow Chemical after earning a B.S. in mechanical engineering in 1942. He enjoyed a 39-year career with Dow in various engineering capacities, retiring in 1981 as Manager of Nuclear Projects for the company. In retirement, Michigan Tech called on Pratt to coordinate a design team for the Process Simulation and Control Center (PSCC). The team includes faculty and staff, active design engineers from industry, . . .

Alumni Focus

Colin Campbell


Retired Vice President, Phosphate Operations (Florida Phosphate Mining and Chemical Operations) International Minerals and Chemicals Corporation The late Colin Campbell received his degree in Mining from Michigan Tech. After graduation, he worked at the Oliver Mining Company before joining the U.S. Navy, where he served as an officer in the Pacific during World War II. Following his military service, he was employed by . . .

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