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21 minutes ago - The most incredible coincidence. Tech in 2045. Time travel. Becoming a stuntwoman. All inside the latest issue of Michigan Tech Magazine about to hit your mailbox.
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12 hours ago - It takes more than a great idea to start a business. It takes money, and money is what two Michigan Tech entrepreneurs won in this year's Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition.
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Yesterday - Do you have a standing desk? Michigan Tech researchers examine whether it makes a difference to your health. #health #physiology #hearthealth #hypertension #fitness
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Yesterday - Are your arteries pliable like a garden hose or stiff like a steel pipe? And does standing or sitting for work affect how stiff or flexible your arteries are? Two Michigan Tech researchers aimed to find out. 💛🖤💛 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ #health #physiology #hearthealth #hypertension #fitness #sittingisthenewsmoking #standingdeskstudy @american_heart Full story at #michigantechunscripted (mtu dot edu /unscripted)